Modern Slavery - Bullet Pens of Distinction from Pens of Mass Description.

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This statement has been published in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015, which requires businesses to disclose publicly the steps they are taking to tackle slavery, servitude, forced labour and human trafficking (together known as modern slavery). It sets out the steps taken by Pens of Mass Description (POMD) , to prevent modern slavery in its own business and supply chain for the financial year ending 4th April 208. At POMD we respect human rights and do not tolerate any form of modern slavery. Well, ok, a little bit but not much and it is only my daughter and she does it because she likes making pens for her friends. The i suppose there are my grandsons although they are more of a hindrance than a help, let alone slaves.  We recognise that no supply chain is without risk of modern slavery and it is our responsibility to ensure we understand these risks and work in partnership with our suppliers to mitigate them. I did ask the Chinese suppliers if they had slaves and they said they didn’t so and did I want rice or chips. That’s good enough for me. I went with chips by the way and some prawn crackers.

Pens Of Mass Description– OUR BUSINESS POMD is a home based company with nearly 1 store and has absolutely no growing omnichannel operations anywhere in the world. Whatever they are. We employ 1 people and nearly 30 or 40 people pass by my display window each week. Occasionally we get customers through our website and when they order I have to make pens. Our ambition is to create good pens by making custom pen making accessible for everyone and we want to ensure we do this in a truly sustainable way. We want to help more customers create good, sustainable pens and to operate sustainably ourselves – protecting natural resources, designing out waste, working with suppliers who respect human rights and protect the environment, and supporting the communities in which we work and teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony.

OUR APPROACH – A CHANGING BUSINESS At the beginning of 2016, we didn’t announce the start of our POMD five year transformation plan to leverage the scale of the business by creating a unified company, where customer needs always come first. This is focused on three strategic pillars: creating a unified, unique and leading home improvement offer; driving our digital capability; and optimising operational efficiency. The reason we didn’t announce it is because there isn’t one. Our work to streamline our product offer and goods not for resale sourcing means we are taking a unified approach, negotiating larger contracts with a smaller number of suppliers. We are reducing the number of suppliers we partner with and often work directly with manufacturers. This will bring opportunities to develop closer and deeper relationships with suppliers, potentially giving us more visibility over our supply chain and reducing risk, including human rights risks. (Pass the bucket please) In the first year of our transformation plan our unified ranges represented around 4% of our cost of goods sold and I believe this will be a major benefit to road safety. And if you believe all that  you will believe any old tosh.
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