Jewellery - Bullet Pens of Distinction from Pens of Mass Description.

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Genuine Brass Headstamp cufflinks in a variety of pistol and rifle callibres.
Immediate availability
Paracord Bracelets
Survival Paracord Bracelets or Survival Straps with approximately 15' or 4.5 mt of Genuine US Government Contractor GSA Compliant 550lb Paracord together with emergency whistle.

There are numerous uses for Paracord in an emergency situation and what better way to make sure you always have some by carrying it on your wrist.

Available in Green, Brown or Black

Immediate availability
Snipers Hog's Tooth
The Hogs ( Hunter of Gunmen) tooth is a 7.62mm bullet presented to all successful students upon completion of the United States Marine Corp Scout/Sniper course.

According to military superstition, there is ultimately one round destined to end the life of each person, "the round with your name on it." Until that round is fired, the person for which it is intended is invincible. If the sniper carries this round at all times, it can never be fired and the sniper is therefore untouchable.
Immediate availability
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