Bullet Pens of Distinction from Pens of Mass Description.

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Manufacturer of unique, handcrafted pens

All POMD pens are individually handcrafted and can be personalised
with the addition of a decal bearing your name or logo or by laser etching into the wood.

POMD Bullet Pens make an ideal unique and unusual handcrafted gift for the Professional Law Enforcer, Military Personnel, Competitive Shooter, Hunter, Game Keeper, Military Collector or just the plain curious.

There are Bullet Pens are available on the internet and in shops that are made from replica parts. They make nice looking unusual pens but they are not real Bullet Pens. I do have some available on this site but they are not made from real ammunition as POMD Bullet Pens are.

All POMD Bullet Pens are made from genuine spent brass shell casings.
With the exception of those made with new cases, they have been chambered and fired in a real gun.

All POMD Bullet Pens feature real Bullets(Unless otherwise shown) of a calibre
appropriate to the shell casing used.

In addition and to comply with British Firearms legislation only Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) and not expanding bullets are used.

All POMD Bullet Pens are completely inert and are legal to own, even in the UK. They are made with care by a former firearms & ammunition professional.

Member of The Internet Defense League
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